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Our names are Travis & Jordan and our adventure started back when the COVID Pandemic was getting serious and everything was going remote. We both work in a Career Services office at a university and became good friends throughout our time there together.

When the COVID Pandemic hit back in 2020, we found ourselves not working during the summer. In our spare time, we started going fishing together, playing disc golf, and just spending time outdoors. On our trips, funny things would always happen or we would find some neat things while we were out. We decided we needed to start filming our adventures to catch all of these moments.

Thus, our YouTube channel was born! We started off as T&J Outdoors, but quickly rebranded to become Trav & J Outdoors as this fit our needs a little better. We started off with fishing and disc golf videos, but then started adding exploration, kayaking, and treasure hunting to the mix. We then discovered Magnet Fishing which quickly became a popular topic on our channel. It soon became our main source for videos!

Fast forward a little bit, we became sponsored by Centurion Magnetics and now use all of their awesome magnets in our videos. We were introduced to Geocaching which has now become so popular on our channel that we do monthly trackable giveaways for all of our viewers! We even attracted the attention of a local Geocaching Store that has started supporting us as well!

And we will keep growing from here! Follow along as we continue to have even more adventures and grow to exciting new heights!

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Meet Our Team!


Outdoor Enthusiast. Loves Fishing. Enjoys Exploring. Treasure Hunter.


Outdoor Enthusiast. Sports Lover. Loves Geocacher. Treasure Hunter.

Travis & Jordan

Dynamic Duo. Dare Devils. Adventurers.

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